Future Availabilities

Light Industrial

This component acts as a CATALYST for the knowledge & creative economy, putting the region’s CRAFT MAKERS and INNOVATORS on display while showcasing a range of sustainable design features.
Bringing new job opportunities.

With a jobs-first development strategy, The Vic will attract best-in-class companies to the community. Over $20 million of improvements will go to existing buildings and new buildings will yield 2,000 additional jobs. The mixed-use community will be recognized as a work/shop/play destination.

One of the largest light industrial campuses in the Portland Metro Area.

Providing for a dynamic mix of uses and opportunities, The Vic’s light industrial spaces become critical components of the region’s long-term economic resilience by creating strong connective tissue between residential uses on the site, small businesses in the town center and surrounding areas, and an employment center that directly improves consumer welfare and livelihood of the community.

This array of space, married with existing site infrastructure and geographic location within the metro region, bring to life the true innovation components of The Vic that directly support our community’s strategic high-growth economic and employment opportunities.

The campus includes over 700,000 SF of interconnected industrial/flex buildings, plus another 100+ acres to be master-planned for future mixed-use development.