The future of The Vic

The Vic is an exciting new mixed-use development where good living, work, play, and community come together to create a place that combines everything there is to love about the authentic Northwest life. Residential, retail, office, light-industrial, pedestrian improvements, and public spaces meld to create a highly livable and unique community in the heart of East Vancouver, Washington.

Light Industrial/Flex

Modern buildings and a blend of live/work/play offer opportunity and innovative functions that exceed expectations.


Tasteful local shops within a short jaunt from home, office, or public spaces. Enjoy a fine cup of Northwest coffee, savor fresh local cuisine, and find that perfect purchase. Or just window shop. It’s all here, at The Vic.


Beautiful, comfortable, community-focused living for every generation. Living at The Vic means a home that blends into the surrounding culture and natural setting, with all the conveniences of an urban location.

Public Spaces

Creating sustainable communities is about providing open and accessible spaces and connecting people, effortlessly, to the services they need every day.

The quintessential East Vancouver destination where CULTURE and the OUTDOORS intersect, where BUSINESS and LEISURE seamlessly intermingle, and where local communities gather.
A 20-minute community.

Connectivity and accessibility are a top priority. There will be cohesive integration with the surrounding community, creating a buffer zone of residential homes and complexes for gradual neighborhood transitions, which will include extensive, safe bicycle paths and walking trail networks. The pedestrian experience will be immersive and inclusive, with thoughtful universal design integration, from playgrounds to wayfinding and public seating.

Easy access to outdoor and open public spaces.

Community members, visitors, and employees of all abilities can meander from open meadows and universal play structures in parks near the residential neighborhoods, to pathways that traverse the vibrant town plaza, green spaces are always easily within pedestrian reach.

While each trail and green space operates as a standalone zone, they are all stitched together intentionally. Particular attention will be paid to way-finding and signage, educating visitors, providing a year-round interpretative experience, and unlocking otherwise hidden gems including Fisher’s Creek and the Northeast corner forest, a hallmark of the site and surrounding communities.

The VIC Loop Trail - A 2.1 mile trail around the 179 acre VIC campus

A 24-7 town center district.

Bringing together retail, service, and entertainment together in a flexible, eclectic space made for socializing, gathering, and exploring, the town center will become known as a destination for energized gatherings of employees, citizens, and visitors to strengthen connections and community bonds.

In addition to the storefronts and eateries, a playful mix of seating and spaces lend themselves to a range of pedestrian experiences that enhance the atmosphere for markets, seasonal festivities, concerts, and exhibitions.

Neighborhood Park spaces within the VIC Campus to be a shared amenity for employees and future residents